June 2nd – June 7th – Culminating Lab

These days were spent preparing and completing the Culminating Lab. The lab involved observing the relationship between velocity and height in a pendulum while at the same time, verifying the Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy. In case it’s been forgotten (a previous post was made about this law), the Law of Conservation of Mechanical … More June 2nd – June 7th – Culminating Lab

Latent Heat!

The image below was used in class to teach a very important concept. The red horizontal lines represent a phase change. To clarify what is seen in the graph, there is no change in temperature (as there’s no slope in the line). Essentially, the equation Q = m L shows the energy being absorbed during … More Latent Heat!


In yesterday’s post, a lesson was provided on heat, internal thermal energy, temperature and others! To help summarize and visualize that lesson, a mind map on the lesson is attached below:

Thermal Physics!!!

Internal Energy: The sum of the kinetic energies and potential energies of the particles in a substance. This can be changed by heating the object or doing work on the object! Kinetic Energy: Atoms and molecules are constantly in motion – the more motion, the more kinetic energy. Potential Energy: There’s potential energy between the … More Thermal Physics!!!